About us / FAQ

Who are you?
4U Shop EU is run by me alone - it is purely a "one man show".
I'm an amateur modular/DIY synth enthusiast from Hungary, with a lot of passion for 4U systems.
...also, I'm a really nice and polite fella' in general. ;)

The most annoying part during my DIY adventure was sourcing "system-specific"
parts for my builds.
Around the last quarter of 2022 I decided to create and dedicate a shop to 4U related
parts, where people can buy essential building blocks, without the hassle of sourcing
from different places, dealing with customs, etc.
I do 4U Shop as a "part time job", mostly for the joy to deal with "synth related stuff".

What do you sell?
Only those parts that are not available in the EU easily, for example complete 4U universal panels, with mounting and power rails.
Also, I'll sell 4U specific, rare ICs and "egzotic" parts that I've found in small, local shops (vintage banana jacks, etc.).
It is really important for me, that I do not want to compete with friends!

Will you stock other/more PCBs?
Since shipping and customs is the most expensive part of stocking PCBs, I have
to find a better solution for this, but, I am working on it!
I've already started working on a line of PCB designs that I'll upload after sourcing and testing!

How you do shipping?
I ship with GLS in two sizes:
- XS: smaller boxes/bubble envelopes for smaller parts, PCBs
- S: large (17") panels and mounting rails

GLS is the most flexible and most reliable way, right now.

As I do this part time, preparing the orders could take 1-2 days, but, I'll
do my best to ship your order within 2 workdays.
Important, we do not ship outside the EU and we ship only places, where the
shipping cost is reasonable.
If your country is not listed as shipping location, please, contact us!

Limited stock?
If you read the term "Limited stock" in a product description it means that I have a finite amount of the item (rare components, PCBs from personal projects).
Once they are gone, they are gone!

Out of stock?
If an item is "Out of stock" and you are interested in it, subscribe or drop me a mail, I'll let you know when it'll be available again.

Can I contact you?
If you have questions, feel free to contact.
Since I'm just an "enthusiastic amateur", my technical knowledge is limited, but I'll
try to do my best to help you out.

The best way to contact me is via mail.
I answer every single mail, but it could take some time - please, be patient with me.