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4U004 - Event

4U004 - Event

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4U004 - Event

The Event is based around the Electruc Druic One Shot Event Generator chip - the schematic is an adaptation of the VCADSR datasheet schematic, with some minor modifications.

It creates interesting unipolar modulation waveforms made from a single ”ping”. You can alter the shape and speed of the ping, and also add decaying echos to it, with separate Delay and Repeats controls. This lets you easily generate interesting and unusual one-off modulation waveforms. It makes things that sounds like a ball bouncing on the floor, or a single hit with echoes, or a stick being dragged across a washboard.

The Event module offers amazing features, like (from the chips datasheet):

- simple triggering with SPST or input pulses of any level
- event rate from 2.5 seconds to 50 millisecs
- 8 output waveforms for a variety of sounds
- pings with “echoes”
- 16-bit waves and 12-bit LFO output resolution
- 0-5V CV output and -5-0V inverted output
- full CV control for every control

1.6 mm thick, double sided, green
base material FR4-Standard TG 135-140
surface finish HASL
part values are silkscreened

chip is available directly from Electric Druid or from vendors (BanzaiMusic)
no parts, just the PCB - LW format panel is available

Documentation (schematic, bom, wiring)
OneShot datasheet

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