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4U008 - VCADSR

4U008 - VCADSR

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4U008 - VCADSR

The VCADSR is based around the Electruc Druic EnvGen8 chip - the schematic is an adaptation of the datasheet schematic, with some minor modifications.
The VCADSR offers amazing features, like (from the chips datasheet):

- 1ms to 10s range
- ADSR, gated looping and LFO modes
- exponential and linear envelopes
- gate and trigger inputs
- 8bit CV resolution
- full CV control

1.6 mm thick, double sided, green
base material FR4-Standard TG 135-140
surface finish HASL
part values are silkscreened

chip is available directly from Electric Druid or from vendors (BanzaiMusic)
no parts, just the PCB - LW format panel is available

Documentation (schematic, bom, wiring)
EnvGeng8 datasheet

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