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4U016 - SSP

4U016 - SSP

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4U016 - SSP

SSP stands for "superslope"; it is a really useful module, a dual unity gain voltage follower (dual voltage controlled slope), based on a well known "Cat" design, but this time, two identical modules were squeezed onto a standard 2x6" board.
It can be used for a lot of things, like as a voltage controlled transient envelope generator, a VC portamento, a VCLFO, VCO, LPG, envelope follower, pulse delay, etc.

Please note, this is a really dense board with a lot of parts and a lot of wiring - not recommended as beginner project!

1.6 mm thick, double sided, green
base material FR4-Standard TG 135-140
surface finish HASL
part values are silkscreened

no parts, just the PCB - LW format panel is available

Documentation (schematic, bom, wiring)

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