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4U045 - RPG

4U045 - RPG

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4U045 - RPG

RPG stands for "Random Pattern Generator", a design that I've been working on since ages.
It is based around a CD4094 shift register.
You can feed any signal to "sample", that signal will be compared, with the internal comparator, then, converted to usable bits; also, you can feed it back to itself!
When you switch it from "Stream" to "Loop" mode with the switch, it feeds the output of the shift register back to it's input - makes it loop, generating random patterns.
Different outputs of the shift register goes through various AND configurations to form more obscure patterns.
The outputs are limited to 5V, but you can ping Serge filters with them!

Note, this is an all panel mount design, in my opinion, it needs at least "medium DIY level".

1.6 mm thick, double sided, green
base material FR4-Standard TG 135-140
surface finish HASL
part values are silkscreened

no parts, just the PCB - LW format panel is available

Documentation (schematic, bom, wiring)

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