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DMWTRS - dual pulse sequencer

DMWTRS - dual pulse sequencer

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DMWTRS - dual pulse sequencer

DMWTRS stands for "Dual Man With The Red Steam" and it is
based on the sequencer part of the amazing "Plumbutter".
It is a shift register based pulse sequencer, with a clock input, 4 pulse outputs, 8 data outputs and 4 data inputs.
Patching a data output to a data input turns the shift register's output back to it's input, so the sequence is looped, also, this is how you can set the length of the sequence.

The concept/idea is based on Peter Blasser's amazing work.


- clock input accepts literally any kind of clock or gate
- clock input is converted to pulse, to further use in the system
- 4 pulse outputs on red square banana jacks
- 4 data outputs on white square banana jacks and 4 on violet bananas
- 4 data inputs on white banana jacks
- data inputs accepts (max.) 0-15V voltages
- data outputs are standard 0-15V digital voltages 
- push buttons to add (red) or remove (white) bits from the stream
- compatible with 100, 200 and 200e systems
- the modules does not produce (or even use) negative voltages
- black & white printed manual (3 pages...) included
- hand-built, hand numbered

...a rather funny "user manual" - click to download!

The module uses rare, NOS square banana jacks. Please note, these jacks are not produced anymore, slight discolouration may occur, specially on the white jacks.
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