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Low cost universal panel (224 holes)

Low cost universal panel (224 holes)

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Low cost universal panel

1.6 mm thick soft aluminium (easy to drill extra holes)
with 8 mm holes at a standard 16x6 and 16x8 grid
6 mounting holes (top and bottom)
white front, bare/nature back with guide lines and row/column numbering

Since there are 6 mounting holes, the panel is pretty stable, not really "wobbly".
If you are looking for thicker panels, please ask our friend Logan at Low-Gain Electronics, he stocks 2.0 mm thick panels.

Please note, in some areas the milling is a bit rough - holes are perfect.

We recommend "BUD AC-423" boats for these panels - the "Hammond 1444-1773" boats have different "lip-corners"; the panels could be fastened with self-tapping screws, but it is easier to build with "BUDs".

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