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ResEQ - 10 band resonant filter card for the Music Easel

ResEQ - 10 band resonant filter card for the Music Easel

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ResEQ - 10 band resonant filter card for the Music Easel

...when legends meet!

The Resonant Equalizer is a unique, 10 band filter, designed specifically for electronic sound synthesis and processing. Except for the top and bottom frequency bands, all other bands are spaced at an interval of a major seventh.
This non-standard spacing avoids the very common effect of an accentuated resonance in one key, as will be the effect from graphic equalisers with octave or third-octave spacing between bands.
Spacing by octaves will reinforce a regular overtone structure for one musical key, thereby producing regularly spaced formants accenting a particular tonality.
The Resonant Equalizer's band spacing are much more interesting, producing formant peaks and valleys that are similar to those in acoustic instrument sounds.

There are three equalised outputs, two which mix the alternate filter bands,
and one which is a mix of all filter bands.
The upper (upper out) lets pass the outputs of frequency bands at 61 Hz, 218 Hz, 777 Hz, 2.8 kHz, and 11 kHz.
The lower (lower out) mixes the other bands (29 Hz, 115 Hz, 411 Hz, 1.5 kHz, 5.2 kHz).

This equaliser is different from other equalisers in that the bands can be set to be resonant. When the sliders are in the middle position, the response at the main EQ Output is flat. 


- two inputs, one with level control, for easy feedback control
- three outputs (main, lower and upper)
- sliders for all 10 bands
- all inputs and outputs are on Tini jacks
- legendary feedback possibilities
- compatible with all Easels, except the rev1 DIY clone version
- hand-built, hand numbered


In case the card is used wrongly, we are not responsible if the easel breaks.
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